Beth Levine (behth luh-veen):

  1. Proper name: An award-winning, versatile, humorous and meticulous writer of magazine, web and newspaper articles and books.

  2. A knowledgeable creator of corporate communications and marketing materials.

  3. A thoughtful coach of college application essays who helps students find their true voice.

  4. A low maintenance writer who has never missed a deadline.

Proper usage: "That Beth Levine, she's so dependable. I think I'll hire her."


May 2015
My essay, "A Ham Is Born," appears in Chicken Soup for the Soul's Time to Thrive. Wait, there's more!:
I explore the scientific research being done on gut microbiota in the May issue of More magazine.

June 2015
I answer readers' questions about menopause in the June issue of O, The Oprah Magazine ("Is It Hot in Here?")